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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks at Meditationszentrum Beatenberg
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2017-06-16 I Teach Pleasure 62:57
The Buddha taught pleasure. When the mind feels safe and comforted, it doesn’t crave. It loses its fear and regret. This is pleasant. Sila helps us practice this skill of turning things to the subtle pleasure of releasing stress and pressure. We stop creating the boundary of self and other that prevents unification. To others as to myself.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-16 Qigong Instructions: Cow, Crane & Dragon 47:56
Warming up feet, legs, hips, arms; kwa squats; drawing the thread (shoulder opening); cow gazing at the moon; crane spreads its wings; punching the dragon; neutral position
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-16 Teaching on Embodiment and Guided Meditation – Descending from the Top of Your Brain to the Basin of Your Heart 61:10
As we meditate, we might find ourselves dropping through layers of experience. Bits that are stuck and not yet resolved keep getting triggered. What we thought was past keeps coming in – people, places, events – and it’s happening now. But there is something that doesn’t move forward in time, a foundational experience of just being present. From this place of primary embodiment, where citta meets the body, we can begin to release the layers of construction that bind us.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-15 Qigong Instructions: The Active and the Receptive 49:59
Torso twists bending over each leg; waterfall; ball in the sky; cow gazing at the moon; crane spreads its wings; closing the field/gently gathering in
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-15 Morning Teaching: Wisdom of Embodiment 57:24
Beyond the visual and sensory experiences of body, there is a felt sense that is our center. Life keeps pushing other things to the center – sights, sounds, attitudes, views and opinions – but these are only the center of our suffering, not the true center. From the true center, primary sympathy becomes available to meet suffering.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-15 Early Morning Reflections: Being the Center 28:13
We can know the body directly, using tactile sense and contact impressions. Step by step we can build the specific body with what is actually present, discerning the center, and placing with specificity. The act of placing is sacred.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-14 Q&A: All that Ends Is Suffering 1:12:50
Where to put the focus in standing/walking meditation; what is meant by awareness/mindfulness/citta; conditioned/unconditioned, kamma and the choice; awakening and healing; goodwill and discernment/embodied goodwill
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-14 Qigong Instructions: Noticing the Quality of Space Around You 56:09
Instructions for standing/neutral posture [ends 9:00]; loosening by shaking; torso twists with waist bend to each side; knee circles; the “clock” hip circles; string puppet; bow and arrow; cow gazing at the moon; ends with standing/neutral posture
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-14 Morning Teaching: How Good Do You Have to Be 45:40
Find the response to this question from that safe space in embodiment. Mixed in with places where one feels shut down, agitated and sleepy is a certain quality that feels comfortable. Sense it, enjoy it, then view the rest from that place of refuge. This is a movement of compassion. It’s not good, it’s not right, it’s just aware.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-13 Goodwill – Giving Yourself Back to Yourself 67:57
Goodwill isn’t about changing things, but bringing up the right atmosphere and steeping your awareness in that. The right atmosphere isn’t 100% approval or love or celebration, but a quality of granting permission. Non-resistance, non-aversion. Experiences of exclusion and being treated as an object cause the citta to close down over time, and we lose the ability to feel anything. Subjective presence will give yourself back to yourself.
The Wisdom of Embodiment

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