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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks at Meditationszentrum Beatenberg
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2022-10-18 Meeting - Test of Actualization 57:25
Learning to meet experiences we like and don't like. What meets? Cultivating space for the meetings provides understanding of our cravings and the arising of faith in our dhamma potential.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-17 Entering Non-Event 52:08
We need tools to travel in the internal body- mind domain. Developing mindfulness allows us to witness the settling and the arising of samadhi, noticing the non-events in between the events.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-17 Heart-Body-Mental Energies-Purifying-Merging 61:53
The ever-changing nature of experience is fundamental to Buddhist understanding. Learning how to directly apprehend these dynamic energies reveals the deathless.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-16 Q & A 1:11:30
01:25 Can you clarify what you said about agitation over sound and shifting it to get to the displeasure. How do you dissolve the person who is angry?; 18:54 I experience a lot of pain and have a hard time relaxing in daily life; 23:16 I have a hard time softening my eyes in daily busy life; 26:28 What is the difference between citta, mind and consciousness? What moves between life and life?; 38:37 What is pure awareness?; 40:22 Regarding energy, can you say more about how to handle physical blockages and constrictions in the body? What is the place of energy management? Is that on the path to wisdom?; 50:26 I feel trapped in my head. I can’t feel the breathing; 51:34 Restraint of the senses; 54:03 How can I handle deliberate aggression towards me?; 56:37 What’s the difference between citta and dhamma?; 57:50 What is jhana?;
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-16 Reflection on Sangha as Path Enterers 10:11
The Pali description of Sangha as 'those who enter' provides a useful template for practice.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-15 Retreat as a Container for Feeling 52:25
We are vulnerable to the feelings of the memories of our experience. Developing an awareness of the pitfalls of self view, liking and disliking, provides an alternative container for experience.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-15 Empathy and Meeting Negativity - Citta Creates the Self and the World 54:05
The citta is that which is distorted, confused hurting. Identifying it as a location of the center of experience, helps us to steady and purify the citta.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-15 GM - Walking Instructions 5:22
Notice the detail of what happens when you move. Get into the quality of the cohesiveness, the synchronicity of the form.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-15 Arrows and Circles - Shaping Intention 29:52
The mind’s energies and activations may contradict each other but what unifies them is the body's energy, its life force and understanding them is key to meditation and the development of mindfulness.
Love is the Breath of Life
2022-10-15 The Illusory Nature of Objective Reality 59:54
Our interpretation of experience is illusory and subjective. What we sense becomes fixed objects, even the human ones. Awareness allows penetration of the sense of me and offers a gift to the world.
Love is the Breath of Life

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