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Ajahn Sucitto's Dharma Talks at Meditationszentrum Beatenberg
Ajahn Sucitto
As a monk, I bring a strong commitment, along with the renunciate flavor, to the classic Buddhist teachings. I play with ideas, with humor and a current way of expressing the teachings, but I don't dilute them.
2017-06-14 Qigong Instructions: Noticing the Quality of Space Around You 56:09
Instructions for standing/neutral posture [ends 9:00]; loosening by shaking; torso twists with waist bend to each side; knee circles; the “clock” hip circles; string puppet; bow and arrow; cow gazing at the moon; ends with standing/neutral posture
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-14 Morning Teaching: How Good Do You Have to Be 45:40
Find the response to this question from that safe space in embodiment. Mixed in with places where one feels shut down, agitated and sleepy is a certain quality that feels comfortable. Sense it, enjoy it, then view the rest from that place of refuge. This is a movement of compassion. It’s not good, it’s not right, it’s just aware.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-13 Goodwill – Giving Yourself Back to Yourself 67:57
Goodwill isn’t about changing things, but bringing up the right atmosphere and steeping your awareness in that. The right atmosphere isn’t 100% approval or love or celebration, but a quality of granting permission. Non-resistance, non-aversion. Experiences of exclusion and being treated as an object cause the citta to close down over time, and we lose the ability to feel anything. Subjective presence will give yourself back to yourself.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-13 Early Morning Reflections: The Trained Mind, The Untrained Mind and The Choice 17:12
Remember the gift of mind. It can seem such a tangle at times. The untrained mind is difficult and can be deadly. The trained mind is a beauty, it can be liberated – deathless. This is choice. Attending to what’s worthy of attention; attending to what gives rise to beautiful states that lift and brighten. Withdrawing attention from states that become burdensome, confusing, useless. The gift of attention, use it wisely.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-12 Standing Instructions: Free from Obstruction, Free from Intrusion, Free from Harm 23:48
Three references for standing: anatomy, sensations and energies. Setting aside what isn’t needed and firming up what is useful, allowing the body to complete itself and come into balance. Free from obstruction, free from intrusion, free from harm.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-12 Morning Teaching: You Don’t Get to the End of the Story by Following It 40:32
We tend to get the situations that will work on us. Our approach, if we get wise, is to meet dissatisfaction in the body. There is a possibility to unhook from the tides of affliction that cause us to form up in these challenging situations. We can pause, unhook, and bear open, steady presence. Shifts occur by themselves.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-12 Early Morning Instructions: Coming to Terms with Dukkha – It Just Doesn’t Have to Be That Good 20:02
Rather than following the mental movements of the mind, there’s the possibility to just open to the manifest with no particular engagement. The particular point is meeting dukkha – where we chafe, want, resist – and recognizing it as it is. At the moment the engagement changes, the mind releases. Then the world doesn’t have to be that good.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-11 Walking and Reclining Instructions 11:46
Walking from your center, finding fluidity of movement, sensing with the torso rather than the eyes. [Ends 10:10] For reclining, laying flat on one’s back, allowing front of body to completely open up, extending awareness from the feet to the head and the space around.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-11 Afternoon Instructions: How to Approach Mindfulness of Body 21:04
Mindfulness of body is not just in reference to the outer form, but to energetic sensitivity. Data from the body is direct, not filtered through the mind. If we track it and tune into it, it can release blocked areas, clear psychological effects and bring clarity. Approach with goodwill and softness of attitude.
The Wisdom of Embodiment
2017-06-11 Morning Teaching: The Body As a Sense Organ 24:59
As we enter retreat, we may feel a certain amount of jangle and disorientation. Our embodiment can provide a source of strong, inner orientation. This inner form has its own language, rhythms and moods that can ground and settle us into the real here and now.
The Wisdom of Embodiment

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