The greatest gift is the
gift of the teachings
Stefan Lang's Dharma Talks at Meditationszentrum Beatenberg
Stefan Lang
Stefan Lang has been practicing with asian and western dharma teachers since 1983. He is on the board of Zentrum für Buddhismus, a multi-tradition buddhist city center, and Vipassana Meditationsgruppe Bern (both in Bern, Switzerland). His main interest concerns a dharma practice suited for today's urban society.
2021-01-15 Reflexionen über Karma 53:39
2018-02-03 Khandha 64:09
2017-12-15 Buddhas erste Rede 55:39
2017-09-30 Zugänge zur Praxis und Dankbarkeit 62:56
Über verschiedene Zugänge zur Dharmapraxis und zur Praxis von Dankbarkeit
2016-11-25 Karma 57:40
2011-09-26 Khandha 58:05
A Model of Self

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